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Thank You for Being You

Thank You for Being You

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Being you is so much more than it seems. Everyday acts of bravery and kindness are all around us if we help ourselves see that everyones adversity exists, and our connection is all in the human soul.

With it's heartfelt message and whimsical illustrations, "Thank You for Being You" is a book that will help build and strengthen the soul family. Kids learn that their feelings are real and relatable in spaces where our differences are honored and celebrated. Realizing that someone being in your existence is a beautiful thing , and realizing that you could be that reflection to another, is divinely captivating and expressing our soul purpose.

When hearing this story read, both children and adults will resonate with the feeling of "just knowing" another being of light.


  • 8.5x11
  • full color illustrations by Monica
  • Signed by Monica if ordered during the presale

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